We're on a mission to prove that collaborative community focus on k-12 girls will significantly improve global economic and health scenarios within a single generation. 

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    Legacy & Wingtappers Tour to DC, NYC & Beyond

    Because access and exposure to the centers of legacy, finance and policy matters

    Our 3rd Annual Legacy Tour took off July 19-23, to celebrate and commemorate the very first National Women's Convention, first held in Seneca Falls in 1848. Click here for more information.


    If you have been nominated for one of our upcoming Tours, please click here for our On-Line Application Form for more information and updates. It promises to be another memorable and significant experience for 9th-12th grade Arizona based girls to explore our legacy and increase their perspectives on different opportunities for them to thrive. For information on last year's tour, please click here to join our mailing list for updates.

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    My Girl Power - The App

    This is the BEST way to get inspired and be engaged with us!  Take challenges, earn rewards, join our community and engage your inner Power girls!  How do you do Science?  


    Calling all Science Girls!!! Want to help us finish our app???


    Please e-mail us here, if you would like to participate or would like more information.


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    Community Chats & Special Presentations

    When it comes to connecting on issues and inspiration, nothing really beats the chance to meet face to face, get down to business and build some special relationships and networks. That's where Community Chats & Special Presentations come to play. 

    From examining how to get more girls to play sports to finding out if we can really grow STEM girls and entrepenuers, delivering Pearls of Wisdom from a Presidential Advisor to our teens, or hosting Women's Equality Day at the Pima County Tucson Women's Commission...these experiences help build and sustain momentum. Click here if you have a topic for our Community Chats. We'd love to hear from you.

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    The Great Hula Challenge

    Collaborative Project Partners: U of A Eller School, Team Lizzie Bell, Arizona Department of Education, Action for Healthy Kids, Pima County Health, City of Tucson and many others

    We are kicking off a global Mayor's Challenge to Get Your MOVEon! at the inaugural Great Hula Challenge and Fit Fiesta Festival to be held this upcoming Spring 2018 at Rillito RacePark. Tucson will be taking on Thailand to break the Guiness World Record for concurrent hoopers in a single venue...We need 5,000 hoopers that can hoop for 8 minutes straight and help deliver positive messaging about the importance of healthy families and healthy communities. Registration opens on World Health Day.

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    WingTappers Leadership Institute

    Powerful, successful and multigenerational women lend their wings, sharing tips for success for those who are looking to soar. This virtual learning platform will provide free and low cost resources that will help girls and young women soar.

    Premiering in Winter 2019

    To get involved, please fill out our Ambassador form here.

    If you are ready to start WingTapping, you can share your story here!

    We'd love to hear from you.

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    Sports, Arts, Science & Health (SASH) Survey Development

    Collaborative Partners: U of A Eller School, U of A SIROW, U of A CPAN

    Since one of the main goals of My Girl Power Project is to increase participation rates in the sports, arts, science, health, economic and civic spaces, we need to set a baseline, so the Spring 2015 U of A Eller School student team designed a survey that is currently under final review and will be used in the fall of 2017, under the oversight of other key community stakeholders and University of Arizona survey partners.