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    We are a multicultural, multigenerational, highly skilled and diverse group of passionate volunteers dedicated to bridging opportunities and access to girls and young women.

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    The flock always outdistances those who fly alone.  

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    Lucy Howell

    Founder/Chair & Vison

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    Loree Thompson

    WingWoman & Strategy

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    Kathy Bell

    Health Education & School Outreach

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    Larry Sakin

    Leadership & Civics

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    Trina Callie

    Efficiency & Growth

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    Haile Thomas

    Youth Council & HAPPY Consultant

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    Kellie Turhune Neely

    Legacy & Community


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    Nancy Ozeri

    Senior Editor

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    Melissa Mitchell

    Innovation & Markets

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    Susan Butler

    Leadership & C-Board Development

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    Alison Hughes

    Civic E& Public Health Engagement 

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    Treena Parvello

    Leadership &Tribal Nation Development

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    Herminia Frias

    Leadership & Tribal Nation Development

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    Judy Ben Asher

    Health, Media 

    & Self Development Initiatives

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    Michelle Higgins

    STEM Leadership Development

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    November Paleo

    Science Girl & Leadership Development

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    Jennifer Reeves

    Health Initiatives 

    & Educational Outreach 

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    Claudia Powell

    SASH Survey & Social Science Research Lead

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    Natalie Fernandez Lee

    Fiscal Health & Community Engagement

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    Carrie Kroop

    Empowerment & 


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    SarahAnne Voyle

    Young Women Lead & Georgia Lead


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    Jeannette Michels

    Entrepreneurism and California Lead

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    Kalpana Pandit

    International & Film Documentary

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    Robert Gillio,

    Health Innovation Catalyst and Physician

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    Marge Brown

    My Earthy Girl &

    Legacy Programs

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    Loretta Cheeks

    Information, Technology & Disparities Lead