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Meet Eileen Lujan

2017 Legacy & WingTapper Tour Scholarship Winner,

representing the Boys & Girls Clubs of Tucson

· WingTappers,Legacy Tour

Meet Eileen Lujan, nominated Frank and Edith Boys & Girls Clubhouse

We actually have young women across all six of our club houses who are simply rock stars. What is unique about Eileen is absolutely what you called out…her mindset that she can accomplish whatever she sets out to accomplish. This sets her apart and why our clubhouse director at the Frank and Edith Morton location identified her for a scholarship opportunity with Pam Grissom earlier this year. This was the first time I had the opportunity to get to know a bit more about her but with both Eileen and Destiny and many other young women across Tucson, we are city filled with trailblazers and I think Debbie and I just are wanting to get out of the way and get them connected with all the resources they need. She's an amazing young woman and we're really glad she gets to take part of this 2017 Legacy and Wintappers journey.


-Karin Marbrough, Program Director Boys and Girls Club Tucson

Why do you want to participate in the 2017 Legacy Tour to DC & NYC, Celebrating Women in History? What do you expect to learn and why do you deserve to go?

I believe that this tour will allow me to gain more experience not only with leadership, but with leadership that empowers women and allows us to grow beyond our expectations, so I can then share my experiences down to the next generation and advise them to stay on the path that will lead them to nothing but success within their future.

Now, if you had to Tweet us a reason, what would that be?


"Be the change you want to see in the world and who you needed when you were growing up" #chooseme

What inspires you?

Empowerment, being underestimated. It allows me to grow beyond others expectations because they do not choose where I go in my future, I do. NBA star Russel Westbrook always says, "don't do they, do you"

What is one thing you need to make your dreams come true?

Education, education is key to all success, one may be physically powerful but the mind is the most powerful piece anyone can attain.

2017 Legacy and Wingtapper Tour Recap

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