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Meet Destiny Delgado

2017 Legacy & WingTapper Tour Scholarship Winner,

representing the Boys & Girls Club of Tucson

Meet Destiny Delgado

2017 Legacy & WingTapper Tour Scholarship Winner, nominated by the Boys & Girls Club of Tucson

"New opportunities, and knowledge, are always a great way to broaden your horizon" - Destiny Delgado

Why do you want to participate in the 2017 MGP Legacy Tour to DC & NYC, Celebrating Women in History? What do you expect to learn and why do you deserve to go?

I want to participate in the 2017 My Girl Power Legacy Tour because it would be an exceptional opportunity, that would allow me to process new information. Every opportunity is a good one. I feel as if all the aspects of the tour, will benefit and push me forth in the right direction. It is important to me to always take advantage of every opportunity given to me and enjoy venturing out of my comfort zone. I am excited to learn about different women who have contributed to society in the past and present, through this tour.

I cannot really qualify why I deserve the opportunity. I am very committed to academic achievement and service, and I try to be involved in as many programs as I can, even when that means participating in a multitude of things at once. I dedicate 110% of my effort and time into anything I am involved in, and have sacrificed by passing on a lot of opportunities I craved to do as a young woman for those that I know would benefit me indefinitely. For example, this summer I received support from one of my mentors with registering for the University of Arizona’s Science Discovery Camp. The camp was being offered at the same time teens from the Clubhouse I attend were going on a trip to Disneyland. Even though I knew the trip would be fun and I have not ever been to Disneyland, I did not want to pass on the camp and I believe I will get another chance to visit Disneyland in the future.

My summer this year is very full. I have an internship at a Medical Clinic, where I am shadowing the doctor, Steven Wool, opposed and basketball commitments. Focusing on these opportunities instead of a normal summer does sometimes feel like I am sacrificing, but I believe many of the women I expect to learn about on this trip had to make similar choices to achieve their goals. These sacrifices will enable me to be successful in the future, much like they were. That is why I want to participate in this tour, this is something I am doing for myself, because I am genuinely interested.

Now, if you had to Tweet us a reason, what would that be?

New opportunities, and knowledge, are always a great way to broaden your horizon.

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What inspires you?

My mother inspires me. Although she had me when she was fifteen years old, she still managed to finish high school and maintain exceptional grades. She is the only parent employed in the household and she dedicates all her time into managing and maintaining our family, alongside our household. She is willing to do anything and everything for both me and my younger sister, she is extremely intelligent women, and although we are definitely not the most wealthy family in the world, she always tries to buy us what we want and ensures that we have what we need.

She makes sure she is off work so that she can attend all events, such as games, award assemblies, etc. for both me and my sister. She is always there, and reliable when it comes to every aspect. She is supportive and always wants to see me succeed. I know there are times she gets little to no sleep, but she still tries her hardest when it comes to me and my sister, even when we are not the easiest people to deal with. She is one of the most hard working women and people I know.

What is one thing you need to make your dreams come true?

There are many things you need when it comes to accomplishing your dreams, but I know everyone who is trying to make their dreams come true must have drive and dedication. I believe this due to the mere fact that if you are not passionate or driven to accomplish your goal or dream, there is no way you will. Drive requires that you are willing to work to accomplish your dreams and that you are determined when it comes to it. Dedication also plays a major role because it helps you stick to your plan and be persistent. Much like basketball for me, dedication and drive ensure you will improve. This theory works with anything else. No matter how many challenges or difficult bumps in the road there are, when you are driven and dedicated to reaching your dreams and goals, your diligence gets you to the place you want to be. Once your work to achieve your dreams is done, you feel accomplished and the process repeats.

2017 Legacy & Wingtapper Tour Recap

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