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My Girl Power Challenges Nation to Register More Women in the Women in Military Memorial

Do you know someone who served??

Let's tell their story...

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My Girl Power salutes the Women in Military Memorial in DC...

A Memorial that EVERY American should know about!

On this Veteran's Day, we salute and honor all who have served and have a special ask for those who may be or may know a woman, both deceased and living, who has served in the military...Let's Get Them Registered!!!!

For the past three years, My Girl Power has hosted a 5 Day Legacy and Wingtapper Tour to Washington DC and New York City, celebrating women who have left their marks on history, and every year, the Women in Military Memorial experience is the most favored and enlightening for all of the girls on the trip. In 2014, we were joined my Martha McSally, one of the founding WingTappers, as this project launched as the girls committee from the Pima County Tucson Women's Commission. In 2015 and 2016, we had the honor to personally meet and get toured by founding President, Brigadier Wilma Vaught, who shared her stories and passion behind this incredible project honoring all women who have served.

Please take a moment and watch these next two videos,

Check out our video with Brigadaire General Wilma Vaught on how we can help!

3 Ways to Help the

Women in Military Memorial

1) Acknowledge them with a Follow!!

2) Visit & Experience the Memorial

3) Help them recruit more heroes and share their stories! - Only 17% of women who have served are registered.

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To learn more about last year's tour, please click here.

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