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Meet Danielle Ochoa

2017 Legacy & WingTapper Tour Scholarship Winner,

representing the Pascua Yacqui Tribal Nation

Meet Danielle Ochoa, 2017 Legacy and Wingtappers Tour Scholarship winner, nominated by the Pascua Yaqui Tribe

"Danielle is a very active young person in our community and is an all-time, all-star athlete. But not only that, she's also very sharp and she's got dreams and aspirations and she's looking at going into law school. She keeps her grades up high and she's so young, but so busy. She doesn't stop so when I thought about who should we nominate, she was one of the first people we thought of, if not the first… actually, she was the first and I was really thankful that her father said, 'Yes… let's make this happen.' So I'm glad to see you here…this is Danielle Ochoa.

-Herminia Frias, Pascua Yaqui Tribal CouncilWoman

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Well, I'm not really the type to show very much excitement, but I was really excited. it's my first opportunity where someone called and gave me the opportunity to come and experience something that will benefit my future. I also learned that I have something in common with destiny here… I like to learn new things and meet new people.

- Danielle Ochoa

Why do you want to participate in the 2017 Legacy Tour to DC & NYC, Celebrating Women in History? What do you expect to learn and why do you deserve to go?

Hello, my names is Danielle Ochoa and I'd love to participate in the Legacy Tour to DC and NYC, Celebrating Women in History due to the fact that I believe it will bring me to be even more engaged with my goals and what I want to accomplish in life. Having the opportunity to attend the My Girls Power Legacy Tour is a pleasure. I expect to learn more about how to achieve not only my goals in mind, but other goals that stand forth in life. It's an amazing feeling knowing what you want to do in the future but its another great feeling when you feel you have accomplished what you wanted. I strongly believe that I will learn how to handle not only good time but bad times. How to get through tough times and not give up. Most importantly to become more social. Talk to more people, find something in common and share what we've learned. I am very well with people, I love to learn new things and I feel that going to MGP Legacy Tour will help me achieve my goal in the future of becoming a lawyer therefore, I believe I deserve to go.


Now, if you had to Tweet us a reason, what would that be?

I feel at ease knowing I got nominated to attend the MGP Legacy Tour. I love learning new things, I cant wait!!

What inspires you?

What inspires me most is how hard I see others working but at the same time so humble. For instance my father. My dad is a very hard working man that gets through his days on a daily and doesn't express how "tired or exhausted" he is. 4-5 days a week right after work straight to the ball field for practice for two hours. It's amazing because he's a very hard working man. I always tell myself I want to be just like him or even better than him. I want people to look up to me the way I see not only myself but the way I also see others look up to him. that's a big accomplishment for him but he's always looking for another step to take, another goal to accomplish. My father is my inspiration, and I want to be just like him. Hard working every day.

What is one thing you need to make your dreams come true?

One thing I need to make my dreams come true is to stay focused on what I have to do. Go to school, stay on my book, and also work on getting better at softball. Not only that but through all of it, trying my very best to maintain a positive attitude. My goal is to play college softball and become a lawyer after my college career. With very high standards I need to focus on myself to get to where I want to be first before anything.