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Wingtappers™ Take Flight

Helping girls and women soar on borrowed wings

WingTappers™ Takes Flight in Arizona to help Girls and Women Soar

"Girls can be what they can't see"

- Joan Wages, Executive Director

National Women's History Museum

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The founder of My Girl Power Project, Lucy Howell, has joined forces with the co-founder of Interview Forward, Carrie Kroop, to launch WingTappers™ into flight.  

WingTappers, a current project under the John P. Bell Family Foundation, 501c3 organization, is a multifaceted platform designed to accelerate girls and women into high impact careers through collaborative projects across the public and private sectors. This community-based approach invites individuals, businesses and institutions who are committed to supporting issues affecting women and girls in the community and the workplace to participate in programs, events, and online communities designed to expose, educate and mentor young women as they navigate their educations and plan their careers. With collective effort, energy and support, tomorrow's leaders can soar higher, accomplish more and change the landscape for women and girls, once and for all.

Who are WingTappers? Wingtappers are women and girls of all ages, who are eager to seek out mentorship from inspirational women with life lessons to share, who are committed to working with their peers to elevate each other, and who are dedicated to sharing lessons learned and offer support to those younger than them. The Wingtappers philosophy can be summed up in a powerful phrase - "On borrowed wings, we will soar." Tap up to reach a mentor, tap out to connect with a peer, tap down to inspire a mentoree...these are the three stages of WingTapping, and the conscious energy required for women to achieve true equality and parity.

The WingTappers™ concept originally stemmed from My Girl Power Project, founded from within the Pima County Tucson Women's Commission, and is now a project under the John P. Bell Family Foundation, a 501c3 organization, based in Tucson, Arizona. Their national mission is to increase education, health literacy and resources for children and families. We intend to plant seeds for growth in Phoenix, Atlanta, Manila, and other targeted cities across the US and the globe...starting with our model in Tucson.  For more information, please visit 

Interview Forward is a web-based television series and a platform connecting generations of women. Through powerful interviews and intimate conversations, Interview Forward connects the inspirational women of today—from trailblazers in the workplace to passionate stay-at-home moms—with the young female leaders of tomorrow.  For more information, please visit