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My Girl Power Announces Winners for 2016 Legacy & WingTappers Tour to DC, NYC & Beyond

Diverse group of Southern Arizona High School girls chosen for unique trip to DC and NYC, to celebrate legacy makers, Wingtappers™, and women who left their marks on history.

"On borrowed wings, we will soar"

- My Girl Power Team

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Tucson, AZ - Last week, on June 29, 2016, My Girl Power™ hosted a reception at the historic Pima County Tucson Women's Commission to welcome the 2016 Legacy & WingTappers™ Tour to DC, NYC & Beyond Scholarship Winners, alongside eight community partners focused on developing girls and young women in Southern Arizona, thanks to a generous donation from the Lapan Sunshine Memorial Foundation.

The 2nd Annual Legacy Tour to DC and NYC is taking off this summer, scheduled for July 19 - July 24, 2016, a date that coincides with the very first National Women's Convention, held on July 19, 1848 in Seneca Falls, NY, organized by Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton, two of many names that ALL high school girls should know, according to My Girl Power™ Project Team.

"Increasing access and exposure to women who have left their marks on history for k-12 girls is one of the most important things we can do to help mold their future pathways and to help impact gender disparity rates in the private and public serving space within a single generation.

The Legacy & WingTappers Tour is an excellent way to make that happen, up close and personal, and we are eternally grateful to the Lapan Sunshine Memorial Fund

for supporting this mission."

- Lucy Howell, Founder/Chair - My Girl Power™ Project

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My Girl Power™ Project Team reached out to their local community partners and together, selected 7 Southern Arizona based high school girls, who have made an impact on their respective organizations. These girls were excited to learn about women who have left their marks on history, and are eager to learn how to make their own legacy marks in the future. The tour is a program designed by My Girl Power™ and planned through Historic Program Tours, a non-profit educational company, based out of Mesa, Arizona. Lucy Howell, My Girl Power Co-Founder and Chair, will serve as Tour Host and Chaperone.

The reception started with an Executive Welcome by Lucy Howell, Chair, My Girl Power Project that included:

  • My Girl Power – History, Overview, and Future Projects
  • Introduction of Community Partners, Advisors & Ambassadors
  • Special Thanks and Dedication to Patricia Lapan 
  • Special thanks to our hosting partners – Pima County Tucson Women’s Commission and the John P. Bell Family Foundation
  • Introducing the concept of Legacy Makers & WingTappers
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Special dedication and thanks, honoring the life and legacy of Patricia Lapan...a true #WingTapper, in every sense of the word.

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Next up was the introduction of Special Guests - My Girl Power’s 2016 Special WingTapper Recognition, which included:

  • Alison Hughes - Founding Exec. Director, Tucson Women's Commission/Former Commission Chair; Director Emerita, Univ. of Az. Center for Rural Health
  • Martha McSally, represented by Nancy Heiser - Community Engagement Coordinator for Congresswoman McSally, 2nd Congressional District
  • Dr. Trina Callie, PhD. – PCTWC Executive Committee, Strategic Planning Manager at Raytheon, former Navy Lieutenant
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This was followed by the presentation of scholarship winners with their respective nominating group:

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  • Jennifer Mercado, from Cholla High School, nominated by the Lapan College Fund, represented by Lucy Kin, Executive Director
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  • Berenice Ramirez, from Pueblo High School, nominated by the Lapan College Fund, represented by Lucy Kin, Executive Director
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  • Giselle Elias, from San Miguel High School, nominated by the YWCA, represented by Lianne Hernandez and Liz Rabago
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  • Aminah Robinson, from Palo Verde High Schoolnominated by the Tucson Black Women’s Task Force, represented by Annie Sykes, Chair and Alison Hughes
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  • Gabriela Vindiola, from University High School, nominated by the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
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  • Justine Flores, from Tucson High School, nominated by the Pascua Yacqui, represented by Arlene Cocio and Hermina Frias
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  • Brianna Garcia, from Barboquivari High School, nominated by Tohono O’odham, represented by Sharon Ramon and Lucinda Juan Hughes
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Tour Scholarships will cover travel, hotel, main attractions included on itinerary, and major meals. Participants will be expected to bring some spending money for souvenirs, snacks, etc.

Winners will be expected to participate in a pre-tour launch meeting, interviews, digital media platform development, and post tour celebration party with key community stakeholders.

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About My Girl Power™ Project

My Girl Power is a not-for-profit project under the John P. Bell Family Foundation, a 501c3 organization focused on family health, blood donation, toy drives for pediatric patients and k-12 educational initiatives. Click here for more information on our background and history.

Check out our video from the inaugural tour in 2014

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