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Meet Anette Durazo

2017 Legacy & WingTapper Tour Scholarship Winner,

representing the Lapan College Club & Family Foundation

Meet Anette Durazo, 2017 Legacy & WingTapper Tour Scholarship Winner, nominated by Lucy Kin, Executive Director, Lapan College Club

"Anette has been a part of our Lapan College Club family since she was in elementary when she attended college readiness activities with her older brother Noe and her mother.


Along with being an excellent student, Anette's unflinching focus and attention to detail have been her greatest asset in mentoring numerous middle school students in the Lapan Cross Age Peer Mentoring Program. Naturally shy, Anette unassumingly connects with the timid 6th graders. We have seen her transform herself from a shy girl to a vibrant and ambitious young lady. She has strategically participated in clubs and college bound activities to overcome her shyness and to adequately prepare herself to garner scholarships that she will be seeking as she starts her Senior year."

-Lucy Kin, Executive Director, Lapan College Club


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Why do you want to participate in the 2017 Legacy Tour to DC & NYC, Celebrating Women in History? What do you expect to learn and why do you deserve to go?

I would like to participate in the 2017 Legacy Tour to DC and NYC, celebrating Women in history to learn what women have done as leaders in their community and I expect to learn skills and techniques I can use to make a change and be a leader and also I hope it opens my eyes to the rest of the world other than Tucson. I deserve to go because I am a good student and I try to be a good influence on others and show what we can do together to make the world and our community a better place.

Now, if you had to Tweet us a reason, what would that be?


It is extremely important for young woman to gain confidence and feel empowered.

What inspires you?

What inspires me is every person that is out there in the world trying to accomplish a goal and working hard to get where they want to be.

What is one thing you need to make your dreams come true?

One thing I need to make my dream come true is have full confidence in myself and not give up on anything.

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