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Let's Pack our Bags...

It's off to DC, NYC, and Beyond
My Girl Power host Welcome Reception to announce 2014 My Girl Power tour scholarship winners!
"We are honored to gift this opportunity to our foundational partner organizations and look forward to growing this unique experience for many high school age girls in the years to come.
Sincere thanks to the inaugural tour sponsor, Lapan College Fund, investing in education, access and opportunities."
-Lucy Howell, founder My Girl Power Project.
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June 25, 2014 – My Girl Power™ Project Team is excited to announce that our inaugural My Girl Power™ Tour will take place this summer, July 10 -15, 2014, representing five different Southern Arizona organizations focused on developing the leadership skills and opportunity access for k-12 girls.  

Thanks to a generous donation from the Lapan Sunshine Foundation and College Club, My Girl Power™, a project designed to empower and build leadership skills for girls, currently hosted  by the Pima County Tucson Women’s Commission, is able to provide tour scholarships for an all-expense paid, five day trip to Washington DC and NYC (hosted by EF Explore America) to four talented and well-deserving high schoolers.

Recipients include Shandiin-Little Sagg, representing the the Educational Enrichment Foundation of Tucson Unified School District; Julianna Merino, representing the Lapan College Club; Micheala Everett, representing Southern Arizona Girl Scouts; and Lizette Cota, representing the YWCA.  Lucy Howell, My Girl Power™ Chair and current PCTWC Commissioner, will be accompanying the girls, setting the foundation for the years to come.

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Eventually, the team would like to challenge other communities around the country to do the same, and to really grow an annual My Girl Power™ tour to DC, NYC, and Beyond, representing young female leaders from around the country every summer. Martha McSally, My Girl Power™ Wingwoman and current PCTWC will help kick off the tour by meeting the Tucson-based group in Washington DC, for a private tour of the Women’s Veteran’s Memorial at Arlington.

Says Howell, “Our mission is simple…To prove that collaborative focus on k-12 girls can impact global health and economic scenarios within one generation. As part of this focus, we firmly believe that experiences, access,  mentorships, and opportunities, especially during the formative years, can truly help build a much broader vision of possibilities for girls, as they transition into young women towards self-sufficiency, various career paths and opportunities to thrive in a competitive, global landscape.  My Girl Power™ challenges girls to KNOW their Voices and where better to experience the power of  voice than in Washington DC and New York City, the centers of finance, pubic policy making, media and home to the first women’s movements?”